Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

In the time since my divorce I've found a couple of things that people say to me kind of interesting. I know that they have my best interest at heart, but I have to be honest in the way I respond to them.  The first one is when someone says, "Oh, now you can go and do whatever you want, and be whatever you want to be." Really? The only thing I ever wanted to do was to be a stay-at-home mom - that was my dream. Right now that dream has been ripped from me, so anything else I 'get' to do is less than anything else I could possibly want to do.
The second thing I find interesting is when I tell people about the men I am getting to know. If things aren't happening the way they think it should, they say something to the effect of "be careful because you might get hurt". Not to sound self-righteous or snobbish, but I'm pretty sure I know a lot more than they do about having relationships not go the way I would like. I'm surviving being divorced and single after 15 years of being married. I'm pretty sure I can handle it if a guy tells me he isn't interested in dating me anymore.
Just needed to get those off my chest.
The end.

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