Monday, August 22, 2011


Expected:  Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Xander.  He was so excited to ride the bus with all his friends, but he didn't want to get up, he didn't like the clothes he had to wear (we won't let him wear play clothes to school) and he said he hated school because it was so boring.  Oh boy, here we go again.

Unexpected:  John's father has been battling cancer for the past 5 months.  Radiation was working to reduce the tumor and surgery seemed likely at the beginning of September.  They did a cat scan to see if the cancer had spread and unfortunately, it had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.  He was going to start chemo treatments last week, but he had pneumonia so they put him on antibiotics.  He was rushed to the hospital Friday night due to a high fever and then on Saturday his blood pressure dropped dangerously low.  He is on a ventilator and heavily sedated.  John's sister and husband drove all night long to be with John's mother and I finally was able to speak to John last night (he's in Europe for work) and he cut his trip short and is on a plane to New York right now.  Please pray for John and his family.

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