Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today is a day that we have been looking forward to for a long time.  Hannah would celebrate her third birthday, but since she'd never celebrated a birthday before, it would be her first.  When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said, "Grandma and Olea (Olivia)".  Well, good, because we've already got some of those.  The plan was to take her down to grandma's house and let her swim since swimming is her favorite thing to do.  Then open presents and let her blow out some candles (another favorite) and eat cake and ice cream.

Enter Life. Unexpected.  Now Hannah will forever share her day with her Pappap.  She began mortal life on this day and he ended mortal life on this day.  I got a phone call from John around 2pm telling me that his father had just passed away.  John, his mother and his sister were all with him holding his hands as he went.

He was such a kind, wonderful man.  I was so lucky to have him as a father-in-law.  I will miss being around him.  He loved people and especially his family.  He adored his grandchildren and he and Alexander were bosom buddies.  He was so excited to have Hannah join our family and to have a connection back to the country where his father was born.  His third grandchild was born 6 months ago, and he was able to spend time with each of them.

There is so much that I admire about my father-in-law and I'm so glad I got to know him in this life.  Who knows, maybe he's already met my father and is telling him all about Xander and Hannah.  Of course, this conversation would be taking place on a golf course.

As for today, Hannah's birthday party has been postponed.  We wished her happy birthday and sang to her and she loved telling people she was "free" (three).  We'll throw her a party when we get back from New York.  In the meantime, we'll celebrate the life of John Zorich and the gifts he gave to us.

Life begins.  Life ends.  And in the middle of it all is a whole lot of unexpected.

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  1. So sorry for you guys. Please tell John that we're sorry for his loss; and for everything.